The Invisible Hours - Xbox One - 85

The Invisible Hours is a title with different characteristics in which the narrative is the fundamental pillar of the experience. Very immersive and with a great history.


Hellblade is a unique production. Risky and brave, the game has the DNA of an independent game that is covered under a layer of paint who has a super production. It is one of those games that you must have in your system.

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs - Royal Edition - Xbox One - 70

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs is a tactical RPG whose main mission will be to restore the ancient glory of a kingdom in decline. We will embark on an adventure that will make you remember the JRPG style. Form a team to manage your kingdom, forge alliances and eliminate your enemies in a fantastic turn-based combat system.

Owlboy - Xbox One - 84

Owlboy is one of those games that draw a smile on the face of the player. The art is great and soundtrack is beautiful (and remind us to another classic videogames like Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda). Mechanics are so simple, but it's funny. It's a little piece of art.

Extinction - Xbox One - 40

Extinction is a game that presents serious problems in its gameplay due to the continuous drops in the frame rate, the content is scarce and becomes repetitive.

Pure Farming 2018 - Xbox One - 81

Pure Farming 2018 stands up to its closest competitor, with a game that offer us one of the greatest farm simulators of Xbox One. The number of maps and their possibilities are the best that developers can offer us.

Assassin's Creed Rogue remastered - Xbox One - 80

In short, Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered offers the opportunity to enjoy a great video game of the past generation in 4k, if you haven't played it yet through backward compatibility. The strong point of Rogue is the story of Shay Patrick Cormac which is one of the most interesting in the series. In addition, it completes the events of the American trilogy and connects it with what will happen later in Unity.
However, it still has the flaws that it already had in its launch in 2014. For example, a very bad AI.

Far Cry 5 - Xbox One - 90

Far Cry 5 is an indispensable title for fans of shooting and action games. Its history is a path worth visiting and its playability will keep you in front of the screen.

TT Isle of Man - Xbox One - 60

TT isle of man brings one of the world's most popular motorsport competition into a game. Racing through the roads at full speed is an amazing feeling, but the game feels very sensitive and the lack of modes makes the game fall short.

Sea of Thieves - Xbox One - 80

Sea of Thieves is not yet the dream game. But it is the most important release (not only of Xbox) of this beginning of the year. Rare has created a really wonderful world at a technical, audiovisual and gameplay level. But the work is not finished, and now it's time to fill it with all the good ideas already shown they have.


Tesla vs Lovecraft is an addictive shoot ‘em up that merges two very different worlds, making an original product with an okay main mode. If you’re looking for more challenges, you’ll find them with its various difficulty modes and the survival mode.

Scribblenauts Showdown - Xbox One - 60

Scribblenauts Showdown develops our imagination with crazy situations, puzzles and mini-games inspired by the classic style of the party game. Although the ambition to offer different proposals is always admirable, this time both sides of the game feel halfway to offer their full potential. Despite being limited in some aspects, it is ideal for a family evening or a meeting with friends.

The Raven Remastered - Xbox One - 55

The Raven returns as a renewed game, approaching an interesting point’n click adventure. But it’s too linear, undemanding and can get boring. Technically improved, but only in textures and illumination engine, tells the same story, what doesn’t seems enough to launch again the game.

The Council - Xbox One - 90

The Council brings us the evolution of "Telltale formula" we have been waiting for so long. Choices finally matter, characters have their own personality and we have to be very careful with every step. Even if technically has some issues, The Council is a masterpiece worth trying it.

Burnout Paradise Remastered - Xbox One - 79

A lot of gamers remember with nostalgia the Burnout series and hope to get a new entry, but they must conform with a fully remastered Burnout Paradise. The good news is that the years seems to have not passed by for this game, that is as fun and entertaining as the first day.


This is a true farewell to two of the most emblematic and beloved gaming characters of the last years. Max and Chloe stole our hearts in 2015 and still in 2018 they give us really emotive moments

Mulaka - Xbox One - 73

It is a shame that Mulaka fails gameplay, cause it's an impressive cultural vehicle that tells us about the fascinating Tarahumara culture. Bypassing its playable mechanics, give it a chance. You will enjoy it very much.

Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame - Xbox One - 60

Monster Energy Supercross - The official video game is a speed title with many game modes but with important technical deficiencies.

Pit People - Xbox One - 82

Pit People is a different turn based RPG and strategy game. With the Behemot style, this adventure gives a lot of fun, laughs, and combats across different game modes. Play solo or with friends to this epic and hilarious adventure, that have laughing as primary objective.

Bridge Constructor Portal - Xbox One - 75

It would be unfair to value this game as what it is not, or what we would have liked it to be. But the final result presents us with a more than remarkable puzzle game, challenging and absorbing. Bridge Constructor Portal takes the mechanics and physics of the work of Valve to enrich its studied formula greatly and remind us that there was a day when the company of Gabe Newell made great games for the memory.


Swort Art online: Fatal Bullet has everything a fan of the anime would hope for. The customization, the variety of weapons and skills and joining a team with many characters from the anime series is certainly great. However, the gameplay is weighed down by some arguable graphics, especially inside the dungeons, and by a completely irrelevant story. In fact, during most of the main missions we will have to read texts without any relevance.

Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Edition - Xbox One - 85

Darkest Dungeon truly is a dark game thanks to its atmosphere and gameplay, but once we are familiar with its mechanics it’s as absorbent as satisfying. It is one of the best Xbox One RPG.

Gravel - Xbox One - 60

Gravel is the answer of Milestone for who’s want arcade racing game. It a good attempt to approach a different game to this genre, but maybe the result isn’t as attractive as they want. Technically poor, the game offers a poor experiencie. Gravel could be enough for some players, but certainly, it could be better.