Crackdown 3 - Xbox One - 66

Crackdown 3 is a great sequel. Basically is the same that the original's 2007 Crackdown, with more enemies, a bigger city and 4K resolution, but the core is still the same, with mechanics problems and a multiplayer who's only a manner to justify the ''cloud computing power'' that we saw on the game reveal. Great if you have Game Pass.

Conarium - Xbox One - 72

Conarium plunges us in the purest Lovecraftian universe. Cosmic horror, unknown civilizations and mistery are the pillars of the game. The story can be tedious sometimes and puzzles are not really challenging. But if you want a cosmic horror adventure, you should give it a try.

Far Cry New Dawn - Xbox One - 80

Far Cry New Dawn is a great sequel to Far Cry 5. Less ambitious but even better result than its predecessor. The RPG elements that were introduced make it feel great and the post-apocalyptic setting has allowed designers to let their imagination run wild, resulting in a truly beautiful world.

Metro Exodus - Xbox One - 90

Metro Exodus is considerably larger, more varied and equally fun than previous games. Although we sometimes miss the claustrophobia of the underground tunnels, the open worlds present a more tactical action variety and allows us to know much more of the background of this nuclear future that seems so real that it is scary to think about.

Guacamelee! 2 - Xbox One - 89

Guacamelee! 2 makes us fall in love with metroidvania again. It's perfect gameplay, platforms and design won't let us stop playing. Although it's doesn't bring anything new to the genre, it's so fun, well executed and loveable everyone should give it a chance.

Pumped BMX Pro - Xbox One - 65

The result is unfortunately, nothing ends up working very well directly. This title is in no way capable of competing with games like Trials in the technical aspect, it does not even reach its own point, to the point that it is not a simple and fun trick game either. Even if you manage to get the beat all the best you can expect in a circuit and chain one trick after another, everything keeps getting a little more boring. Why limit yourself to 2 backflips when you can do a 720 Can Can landing in manual? Pumped BMX Pro limits you and you should really commit to one style of game or another, the current combination is simply not the right one, the only thing you get is to throw stones on your own roof.


Kingdom Hearts III is the game fans were waiting for. Thanks to an addictive gameplay, a beautiful graphic design and a spectacular soundtrack, the game puts a finishing touch to the Xehanort saga with a plot not suitable for beginners.


Life is Strange 2: Episode 2 - Rules is a step forward in this new franchise installment. Episode 1 disappointed us and we hoped that DONTNOD would be able to get back on track. Rules manages to develop the important characters as well as their relationships in addition to having emotional signature scenes.

Steamroll - Xbox One - 80

In general, Steamroll is a brilliant game. Not particularly from a narrative point of view, but rather from the point of view of a puzzle game. This game has a lot of potential to make its way among the greats of the puzzle genre and Anticto has incredible potential to boost his company through this type of games. In general, this game would recommend it to any of my friends and of course to you readers.

Resident Evil 2 - Xbox One - 97

Capcom has done an incredible job with Resident Evil 2 remake. Gameplay is smooth and characters are realistic. Story changes feel like Resident Evil 2 is the same as always, but also something completely new. It's about time a survival horror game wins Game of The Year. And Resident Evil 2 deserves the title.

Onimusha: Warlords - Xbox One - 85

Onimusha: Warlords is a great remaster. The combat and the exploration of a Castle in Feudal Japan is as good as it was in the original. Those who played the original and the newcomers will enjoy this game alike. The control adaptation is great and I hope we get more Onimusha for Xbox One in the near future.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Xbox One - 83

Mutante Year Zero is a great strategy and turn-based combat game that helps to revitalize the genre in consoles and from which we expect a direct sequel

Below - Xbox One - 85

Below presents a very evocative proposal, with a captivating atmosphere and a multitude of secrets to discover. It is a difficult game to recommend to everyone because its absence of information is not accessible from the beginning and takes place in a slow process. Even so, we have a roguelike exploration adventure with Zelda inspiration and a very original design.

Just Cause 4 - Xbox One - 63

Just Cause 4 is a fun game full of explosions and crazy action typically seen in Hollywood movies, beyond that there is nothing. Its graphic section is horrible, although it is mitigated by the physics engine and the global performance of the game.

The Council - Episode 5: Checkmate - Xbox One - 85

Witch Checkmate, Louis' story comes to an end as mankind's future lays in his hans. Despite not giving us the ending we would have expected, Chekmate allows us to know every consequence of our action. Big Bad Wolf does an excellent job encouraging us to play the game again to change everyone's fate. The Council is the next step in the genre and a game that should definitely be played.

Ashen - Xbox One - 90

Ashen is one of those independent gems that come to us from time to time to value a segment of the videogame industry that has been living for a few years its particular golden age.

His evocative visual presentation and, above all, his playable depth of role-playing mechanics and demanding combat are enough arguments for Ashen to be one of the references of the genre in the independent field and one of the best games that this final stretch of 2018.

Bendy and the Ink Machine - Xbox One - 72

Bendy and the Ink Machine is an interesting survival horror. Despite its combat issues and easy puzzles, Kindly Beast, Inc. manages to bring us an interesting story with some effective jump scares. Bendy and the Ink Machine does not give us anything new, but it's enjoyable enough to give it a chance.


World of Final Fantasy Maxima is an adorable spin-off with an interesting approach, a fun gameplay and an entertaining plot. Long-time Final Fantasy fans may find in this game some mechanics they've missed in recent main releases.

Darksiders III - Xbox One - 70

Darksiders III is a bittersweet episode in the series of the Horsemen that proposes a new and more demanding approach in combat, but remains halfway to a notable game for the lack of rhythm and the loss of elements such as exploration and puzzles. It is a bit far from the game that the Darksiders franchise needs to continue to alive in the near future

Farming Simulator 19 - Xbox One - 77

Farming Simulator 19 arrives with so many improvements. Improvements in the graphics, with a renewed engine that provides better result in the machinery. But the most important thing that Farming Simulator 19 gives is an bigger number of options to manage the farm. In this fact, the most interesting option is the renewed multiplayer, allowing up to 6 players to live together in different farms, or to cooperate in the same. A very interesting proposal that gives a lot of hours of challenges to become the king of the farms.

Fallout 76 - Xbox One - 80

Fallout 76 takes a brave step forward in a risky multiplayer proposal, but due to its unclear intentions and a poor performance overall it will need time and effort to please its fans.

Battlefield V - Xbox One - 85

Battlefield V is not a big audiovisual step up from Battlefield 1, nor does it have a great campaign or important new game modes. But in return it brings us the best multiplayer in the series in playable terms and the promise of Tides of War: the free and regular updates of the game with new content and features.