Burning Bridges is The Council's next to last episode. It brings us interesting gameplay changes, as Louis' new skills, which open a whole new paths. Even if technically Burning Bridges has some problems, Big Bad Wolf manages to offer us a really interesting and surprising chapter. Burning Bridges is the precursor of The Council's anticipated ending.

Forza Horizon 4 - Xbox One - 98

Forza Horizon 4 is the best game of the saga. With almost perfect gameplay and a variety of events that are distributed by a huge map. We will spend many hours driving in the UK and we will not get tired. Arcade driving for all audiences.

FIFA 19 - Xbox One - 92

FIFA 19 is a step forward from FIFA 18. The UEFA Champions League was a fan-requested add-on that they can finally enjoy. Gameplay has been improved and new game modes have been added that are meant to be enjoyed with friends.

Transference - Xbox One - 75

Transference brings us a pure thriller: finding out what has happened to a family, in an alternate version of its psique. To discover the truth we have to solve riddles, listen carefully to the family voices and find out every horrible secret. However, Transference is a game developped to be purely enjoyed in VR. So the experience is not as good as it should had on Xbox One.

NHL 19 - Xbox One - 80

NHL 19 is a friendly game for beginners and will please veterans. The speed and fun of its matches will keep you hooked for hours. In addition, with World of Chel they have managed to completely renew the online mode, offering an entertaining proposal that becomes a must for fans of this sport.

NBA 2K19 - Xbox One - 90

NBA 2K19 is the best basketball game of all time, a must have for all NBA fans. The title offers a lot of game modes like My Team or My Carrer to enjoy playing for many hours. There are also important changes in the gameplay like the new physics.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 - Xbox One - 85

Valkyria Chronicles 4 takes all the good elements of his first installement and offers an improved sequel for old fans and newcomers. If you haven't played the franchise before, this is a good entry for every player.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Xbox One - 90

Shadow of the Tomb Raider evolves in its gameplay to be much wilder. The story is interesting and the Lara Croft that we will know, much deeper. Many hours of play with great content.

V-Rally 4 - Xbox One - 58

V-Rally 4 wanted to be a different proposal to the existing rally games, but the return of this arcade franchise is not what many expected. Taking ideas from other games, it has combined them to create a diverse game that can be defined in a single word, irregular. The main mode is a constant challenge, but it's not deep enough, the graphics pretend to be beautiful, but they're not and the driving feel is neither arcade nor simulation. V-Rally 4 is a game that doesn't know where it wants to be and it's something that everyone will notice.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 - Xbox One - 85

PES 2019 is the best game in the series for this generation. It has the most realistic football, but it also lacks significant licensing and has a slow pace that may not please everyone.

The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA Tour - Xbox One - 73

This is the moment to enjoy the renewed The Golf Club, thanks to the career mode in association with PGA Tour. This game looks quite pretty and allows to the golf fans to enjoy or learn in a complete social platform. Quite intuitive control system, could be rough for newbies. This license is trying to become an AAA game,but it seems to be far from this option. It’s a good approach, but still they’ve so much to improve.


Divinity Original Sin 2 has everything necessary to become a modern classic. It's one of the greatest exponents of the traditional RPG games that we can find today in the market. If we let ourselves be seduced by its history, its rich conversational system and its complex combats, we will be captivated by a title that offers endless hours of play to discover all the secrets of a magical medieval fantasy world.

Strange Brigade - Xbox One - 85

Strange Brigade is Rebellion's dynamic and full of content new IP. Although Strange Brigade doesn't shake TPS genre up, it's well executed, shootings are enjoyable and a wide variety of enemies and puzzles. With it's impecable artistic style, Strange Brigade is interesting and pleasant enough to give it a chance.

Shenmue I & II - Xbox One - 65

Although the soul of this magnificent work is still intact, with the re-launch of Shenmue I & II, a golden opportunity to bring Yu Suzuki's masterpiece to the younger public is lost due to its poor remastering work.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr - Xbox One - 80

If you are looking for a different aRPG experience than usual, this can be a very good option. The strength of the Warhammer atmosphere offers a change in the usual mechanics, giving a wide range of options to tackle tactical action. It is not perfect, but its campaign, the procedural generated quests and the cooperative multiplayer gives enough to enjoy it.

F1 2018 - Xbox One - 85

If you are a fan of Formula One, F1 2018 is a game you can’t miss. It can feel a little bit continuist with some technical flaws that are recurrent, but its new options in Career Mode and its multiplayer will make you feel the passion of the real Formula One Circus.

We Happy Few - Xbox One - 75

We Happy Few is one of those types of games that are rarely seen in a generation. A title that presents a really interesting and creative proposal, full of symbolism and reflection. But further on, we see how its long development and its difficult period of early access may have conditioned a playable section with attractive ideas of survival that are lost in a non-motivating approach.

Madden NFL 19 - Xbox One - 80

Madden NFL 19 is a game not unlike what we saw in other years, but it's also the best football game of the franchise. It is a must-have game for all football fans.

Yet Another Zombie Defense HD - Xbox One - 50

This is a game with a fairly simple graphic design. Its characters contribute nothing, and its only scenario is very basic. Its greatest achievement is the number of zombies on screen. It is a good shooter although more destructive power in the weapons would be nice. The game is enjoyable in company, while in single player mode it gets boring in the first hour.

No Man's Sky - Xbox One - 80

No Man’s Sky finally comes to Xbox One with its good ideas, some better than others. But above all there are its good intentions and an incredibly beautiful universe that resides in a contemplative experience that is worth the try if you are a patient player.

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn - Xbox One - 60

Shaq Fu is a classic beat'em up game, that offers good variety of movements and action, counting with Shaquille as main character. Despite this, the gameplay is quite simple and the action turns in pushing buttons with no sense. It gives good desing, cartoon style with 3D graphics, but maybe it become a bad decision for the action that the game must give. After that, the performance or the constant crashes could be frustrating for a game that can't give the experience that the user deserves.